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About March House Farm


All our beef, lamb and pork is reared on our own family run traditional Leicestershire farms, which consists of rig and furrow permanent pasture, rich in natural grasses and herbs. Along side this we have a small area of arable land producing wheat and oil seed rape for livestock feed. The land has been farmed by the same family for 4 generations, with small-hedged fields, protecting natural wildlife and the environment. 

 The farm is made up of two farm holdings one at March House Farm, Great Dalby the other at Manor Farm, Little Dalby.  March House is the original farm, with the tenancy of Manor Farm being acquired  in October, 2005.  The farms are run by Daniel and Thomas Belcher with the help of mother and father Heather and Mike.

Our beef herd consists of Angus and Simmental cows crossed with Lincoln Red, Simmental and Shorthorn bulls, producing single suckled calves. The calves feed on their mothers for the first 9 months they are then weaned and fed on traditional pasture and a home grown cereal mix. The cattle are cared for entirely by ourselves, treated with respect, feeding them wholesome foods, they live in clean comfortable surroundings to ensure production of succulent fresh meat to the very highest standard.

The sheep flock consists of Masham ewes crossed with Suffolk rams, producing lamb for the prime market. The sheep are grazed extensively on permanent pasture throughout the year. Our flock is cared for entirely by ourselves, to the same high standard as the cattle, to ensure the production of succulent fresh meat that is full of traditional taste.

Our small pig enterprise is based on the Gloucester Old Spot and Large White breeds crossed to get the best of each breed. The pigs are reared in arks and large straw yards, and  fed on a proprietory pig ration of cereals and protein. The pigs are reared on a stress free system to give you all the flavour of real fresh pork.

All our animals are slaughtered locally and butchered in our own on farm butchery by our own butchers. All our beef is hung on the bone in the traditional manner for 21 - 28 days, the lamb and pork is hung for a shorter period again in the traditional way on the bone. We aim to offer you fresh meat to the highest quality, with the best taste. We do not administer hormones, additives or routine antibiotics. We have never had a case of BSE on our farm. All our meat is fully farm assured, with full traceability. All our produce can be purchased at the farmers markets we attend, or visit the butchery on farm. Our produce can be ordered in small or larger quantities to your specific requirements, (including beef boxes, whole and half lamb carcasses, and sides of pork).